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About Us

The Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” is aimed at promotion of project management, program management and portfolio management with use of competence-based models of development of parties concerned with possibility of their international certification. The international validation of such certification systems provides acknowledgement of performed certification and issued certificates in all countries of the world for project and program managers, manager teams, project management offices, consultants, coaches and university professors, organizations.

Our mission is to create a style of corporate culture and competence in management of projects of companies and businesses of Ukraine based on project management which has to make business of our clients stable and highly profitable. As it can be seen at the example of the world leading companies’ development, such style will ensure under current conditions a high competitive strength in any field of activities.

The Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” (UPMA) is an active player on the market of knowledge industry in the field of creation of modern knowledge, global standards and technology of projects management and development of companies based on the project approach since 1991. Elaboration and implementation of various researches in development of companies (businesses) based on the project approach and study along with provision of a number of consulting services in project management to institutional and private clients represent the key activities of the company. 

Even today projects and programs are successfully being managed by educated and internationally certified project managers in over 56 countries of the world – Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Nigeria and other countries.

The professional and diligent work of experts of The Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” for over 20 years became the basis of establishment of integral principles and criteria of companies’ competitive strength on the market which helped to gain the confidence of customers, partners and competitors. The leading Ukrainian companies and offices of foreign companies in Ukraine acting in a wide range of business are included in our circle of customers. 

The History 

The Ukrainian Project Management AssociationUKRNET” / Ukrainian Project Management Association "UPMA" was established as an independent association in 1991. From 1988 to 1991 it was the member and one of the presiding bodies of The Soviet Project Management Association – SOVNET – now it is The Professional Project Management Association, from 1993 – the member of The International Project Management Association - IPМA. The efforts of the Association are aimed at development of the project management culture with use of modern systems of certification of competence, personnel, commands and organizations, methods and information systems. International certification of professional project managers, organizations, advisers and coaches (educators) on the basis of the IPMA® system, consulting services, training courses on project management, publishing of books, standards, manuals, etc. From 1997 the Association has a direct cooperation agreement with a professional project management institution: PMI – The American Project Management Institute.

The Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” provides a wide range of services on project management – from the project feasibility study, making programs of companies’ development and business plans, monitoring and control of project implementation to establishment of companies prepared and competent in project management, study of companies’ business survivance and searching for ways of improving the efficiency of their business. The activities of The Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” are connected with implementation of a number of domestic and international projects (programs).

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