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D Level

Project Manager Associate, IPMA® Level D: is able to apply knowledge in a project management field and may be involved into participation in project as a team member, but his general knowledge is not enough for performance of more difficult tasks. 

IPMA® Level D – only general store of knowledge concerning competence elements is under the grading (by means of written examination).

Experience of work in project management is optional; but it can give a privilege if a candidate has already managed to use his knowledge in practice somehow. 

1. Must have the knowledge of all competence elements in project management field.
2. Is able to apply any of project management knowledge elements. Is able to work as an expert in some fields.
3. Works in a project team or is a member of personnel managing the Extensive knowledge project about the project management and ability to use them in practice. 

Certification procedure Level D.

1. The candidate is to prepare the documents for passing through the certification. Download the documents
2. Certification agency settles a date of certification.
3. The candidate pays the certification as per the NBU rate as of the current date. 
4. The candidate is examined in written form.
5. The certification department rates the candidate.
6. Certificate delivery. 

Written examination characteristics

Time limit

4 hours

Assessors quantity

1 (2 in doubtful cases)

Direct questions

all elements

The essay on a topic by choice

3-5 elements for knowledge field

Intellectual task

1-2 elements for knowledge field

Physical association members and corporate employees being juridic members have 5% discount
We recommend to review the book 
«National Competence Baseline, NCB UA Version 3.1» for preparing to the certification


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