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Licensing of companies and training managers for qualifying of project managers to international personnel certification of project managers according to program 4-L-C IPMA®

Ukrainian Association Project  Management «UKRNET" holds licensing of training companies and training managers against training courses of training of project managers by  preparation to international licensing  according to program 4-L-C IPMA® .

Licensing procedure
1Company – seeker or candidate files an application in standard form on address
upma@upma.kiev.ua  with title of e-mail  " Licensing ".
2.    After receiving of positive answer about acceptance of application (our expert will contact focal person from organization or candidate for licensed training manager).
3.    Candidate prepares a list of documents for licensing, listed below, and brings it to the office of Association.
4.    Members of Association check given documents and specify necessary information.
5.    Director general makes a decision on licensing of candidate.
6.    Candidate – seeker receives a document about passing of licensing.
Candidate – seekers can receive necessary advices  from specialists of Association during licensing. 

Necessary documents for company licensing:           

Documents for licensing Формы
Application (application form) signed by head manager  download
Resumes of trainers  download
Materials of trainings  
Copies of certificates of trainers  
Cover table of knowledge module of certificated exam according to NCB  
Characteristics of trainings classes and equipment

 Necessary documents for trainer licensing:

Documents for trainer licensing Forms
Application (application form) signed by candidate   download
Resumes of candidate  download
Materials of trainings  
Copies of certificates of candidate, and formal qualificationsи  
Cover table of knowledge module of certificated exam according to NCB

Cost of licensing

Type of licensing Cost
Primary licensing of educational institutions/training companies 300 euro
Annual confirmation against requirements 150 euro
Primary licensing of training courses 100 euro
Annual confirmation of course against requirements 60 euro
Annual licensing of trainer 100 euro
Annual confirmation of responsibilities against requirements 60  euro






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