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Purpose, mission, goals

The mission and objectives of the Association is to develop and to implement in Ukraine the best achievements (practices) in project management (systems of knowledge, standards, certification of personnel, advisers and organizations, perfection assessment models concerning the management of projects for participation in worldwide contests).

Create a style of corporate culture of companies and businesses of Ukraine based on project management which has to make business of our clients stably developing and highly profitable for increasing their competitive strength. Contribute to efficient use of competent personnel of Ukraine within projects and programs of industry, regional, national and international level.

The Association is an active player on the market of knowledge industry in the field of creation of modern knowledge and technology of management of projects, programs and projects portfolio for development of companies based on the project approach. Education and international certification of project managers, certification of companies’ competence in project management, elaboration of project management standards and implementation of various researches in development of the state, companies (businesses) based on the project approach and provision of a number of consulting services in project management.

Working objectives of the Association

  • Accumulation and widening of the knowledge data base of project management based on practical experience and scientific research of the Association members. Providing consulting and educational services in the field of project management, formation of the critical staff of project managers (30.000 – 35.000 persons) for management of projects in Ukraine.
  • Mastering the latest standards, methodologies, procedures and means used for management of projects, programs and project portfolio.
  • Certification of specialists for management of projects within the IPMA® 4-L-C four-level system
  • Certification of companies under the IPMA Delta model
  • Training and certification of experts for management of innovative projects and programs of companies based on the Japanese standard Р2М.
  • Providing consulting services in construction of systems of project-oriented management of companies.

The main objective of The Ukrainian Project Management Association is providing high-quality services for improving the level of competence of project management, program management and project portfolio management experts. To attain the required level of the services quality, the Association keeps taking measures on the quality assurance and control. Therefore, the Association has the possibility to keep improving the level of quality of its services. Certification is carried out by internationally acknowledged assessors, known Doctors of Engineering Science and professors of Ukraine. 

The long-term objective isto form a critical staff of professional project managers for participation in projects of all types (5.000 – 7.000 professionals) for the nearest 10 years and to certify 50% of them within 15 years.

The Association declares the following quality objectives for the year 2016:
1. To assure dynamic development of the certification system on the basis of the adjusted processes and procedures of certification under the IPMA® 4-L-С system. In 2016: to perform certification of 5 persons with level A, 3 persons with level B, 30 persons with level C and 5 persons with level D.  
2. To perform recertification of the quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements. 
3. To analyze the efficiency of activities of UKRNET / Cert Certification Department and to implement measures on improvement of the quality management system processes with application of statistical methods in accordance with the data collected from customer feedback, the Association personnel and third companies educating professional project managers, which permits increasing the efficiency of work of the certification department by 20%.
4. To implement and to permanently review the quality system for improving the quality management processes which permits a 15% increase in the level of services provided.  

The quality policyHigh quality of services in certification under the 4-L-C IPMA® international programs, the 4-L-C IPMA® advisers certification, the IPMA Delta® organizations certification and the P2M certification of specialists in innovative projects and companies development programs management provides efficient promotion of the professional project management within implementation of projects of development of Ukraine in open competitive environment. This creates the investors’ confidence in Ukrainian specialists on project and program management and encourages the processes of efficient development in different sectors of state management and manufacture based on the project approach.

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